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Poster: soundandmotion Date: Nov 2, 2012 11:14am
Forum: netlabels Subject: [SOMO012] Sound & Motion - Patient #0072

Ok, 12th EP release. A very special release. "Why", you ask? Well... THIS IS SOUND & MOTION'S THIRD ANNIVERSARY! THREE FUCKING YEARS!!! So, let's celebrate with a release from the "Speakerheads" themselves, Armida and YetTken, also known as Sound & Motion.

On this 3 years of Sound & Motion, a lot of things have changed. The "only experimental and dark sounds" policy has been politely FUCKED TO DEATH. This happened for the sake of music and the always moving times. Also Sound & Motion changed their musical style on the way, now embracing not only Techno and Minimal, but also Deep House, Tech-House and even Acid.

You will definitely know this when you listen to this release. This time, the "Speakerheads" decided to leave minimalistic Techno behind to work on a different style, creating six tracks that are really hard to catalogue and sound unique. We might never listen to this sound again (since they'll be once more focusing on Techno after this). While making this EP, the guys also made a little story titled "Patient #0072", about a guy who scapes from a psychiatric hospital to unleash his madness into a world that's definitely not what it seems. And this release showcases that madness.

The first track, titled "I'll Stop Doing Drugs", features RealiTVersion and brings him back once more. A looping pad starts playing and builds up until the bass hits and then, slowly, the desperation turns into a warm, deep feeling with the keys. Later some bongos make you dance until the fading random sounds lead us into a "Lovely Day", a mellow broken piano melody created as an interlude before "... And Then The Zombie Apocalypse" plays. Madness and desperation once more, with some tight drums, a repetitive bassline and micro percusions that makes us fall into the spiral of mental illness with the bizarre synth used on the climax of the track.

Then, payback comes with "Alpaca With Machete Saves The Day", a Nu-Disco-ish track that slowly builds with a funky yet simple bassline and latin percusions before a filtered pad makes you jump and dance. Then, the disharmonic strings create a tense atmosphere before the pad hits again and loop while some hats give the groove to make you jump and slowdance.

Afterwards, "Delusional Dreams (Speakerheads and Back To Meds)" plays as a slow jam, one of the most eclectic tracks by Sound & Motion. Some freaky space pads and keys with a deep, acidic bass shows up and makes you dance with it's lovely lead.

Finally, "double0seventy2japan" closes the the EP. A little Deep House track with reverb hats, a groovy bassline, housey lead and an incredible pad giving us a warm, deep and awesome atmosphere from start to end.

And with this, we stop the bla bla bla. Hope you have enjoyed this three years.. And prepare yourself for the fourth aniversary!

Special thanks to: B.I.B., Playground (now called Opale), KaTaa, Ixam, German LM, The guys at Netwaves for celebrating with us, DJ In Sivar crew, Drugstore and everyone who has been with us on this three fucking years.

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